Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Register early for the Pleiadian Seminar in Minneapolis in July

July 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2011

“The Planetary energies are moving up. This is affecting all of us, including me.  We are being transformed.  The Pleiadians are saying that this is a very important time for the regeneration of the cells in our bodies.  The time has come for us to develop a new level of awareness of our connection to the Universal energies, and of the cellular birthing that is now taking place within us.   Each individual event in this series of 3-Day Pleiadian Seminars for the public is designed to facilitate this transformation.” —With love, Christine Day
To assist us in this process, the Pleiadians, in collaboration with leading teacher, author and channel Christine Day, are presenting a special series of 3-Day Pleiadian Seminars.  These advanced level Pleiadian Light Initiations are now being offered to the public so that all who feel called can experience the Multi-dimensional Vortex that the Pleiadians have configured specifically to assist us in accessing higher truth and knowledge.
Each Seminar in this series is specifically designed to align us with the changing dimensional energies as they are being birthed on the Earth Plane at that moment in time.  Hence, each event is totally unique, and will present an opportunity to benefit from a number of entirely new processes.
Join us at our next event and gift yourself with the opportunity to...
  • Work within an “Energetic Matrix”
  • Open up a conscious birthing of Self
  • Consciously participate in reconnecting and remembering your mission on this earth plane at this time
  • Reaffirm what you said 'Yes' to before coming here
  • Experience direct contact with and communication from the Pleiadians
  • Work within the Stargate Energies and align to the higher levels of the 4th, 5th & 6th dimensions
  • Access Higher truth and knowledge through a specific Pleiadian-configured multidimensional Crystal Vortex
  • Reconnect with and integrate awakened aspects of your Higher Self and expand your energetic field
  • Activate and utilize the energies of the Self Healing Prophecy
  • Receive assistance from the Angels, Light Beings and Masters through a unique grid system anchored by the Pleiadians
  • Receive a Sacred Pleiadian Sound that will act as your personal key to accelerate your awakening process.
VENUE:  Ramada Mall of America, 2300 East American Blvd, Blomington, MN 55425
ABOUT THE HOTEL: The hotel is two miles from Minneapolis/St Paul Int'l Airport and a mere two blocks from the famous Mall of America. The hotel operates a complimentary 24 hour shuttle service to the airport, as well as a complimentary shuttle service to and from the Mall of America.
TO MAKE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS BY PHONE: 952-854-3411 or 800-328-1931  Group Code:  CGPLEI
TO MAKE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS ONLINE: Go to, click on “Groups Login” (right side of screen), enter Attendee Password PLEIADIAN. Group Rates for this event will be available until 2nd July, 2011 – after that no reservations will be accepted by the hotel at this rate. The average rate per person per night will be $95 plus taxes
Friday:  12noon—6:30pm with a one hour break from 3:30pm-4:30pm for integration
Saturday: 9:00am—5:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am-4:00pm
PRICE: $312.00. Please note that we are unable to offer a complimentary buffet at this Seminar, but the hotel does provide full restaurant and light meal/snack services.
EVENT CO-ORDINATOR: Melainah Yee.  Email: I Tel: 808-345-0484
SEMINAR REGISTRATION: To reserve your place at this seminar and pay with your credit card or PayPal, visit our Online Store
TO PAY BY CHECK: Please make checks payable to Christine Day, and mail to: Christine Day, c/o of Serena Poisson, P.O. Box 83547, San Diego, CA 92138.

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