Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Planetary change and the Fourth and Fifth Dimension: Part 2

Planetary change and the Fourth and Fifth Dimension: Part 2

With the massive changes caused by the earthquakes in Japan I decided to share several excerpts from my book, The Pleiadian Initiations of Light. While there are many physical changes occurring on the planet there are also dimensional shifts that are taking place.   

"There are many changes coming onto our earth plane. Our planet is going through huge dimensional changes, moving from a 3rd dimensional planet to a 4th / 5th dimensional planet."

This is a continued excerpt . . .  

"4th dimension consciousness means being part of something greater than ourselves. None of us are alone. You begin to be aware of the spiritual energies around you and are able to open up to the support that is here for you. Fear begins to drop away and does not control your experience. There is a connection to your heart, and intuitive guidance coming to you from an aspect of the Self through this connection to the heart. Your Sacred heart begins to work with you in your day-to-day life, awakening you to the true life force that moves through all living beings, all living matter. You begin to understand and experience your place within the universal consciousness and begin to move with the intuitive guidance of the Self. There is a strong sense of purpose, and you begin to feel passionate about life. There is a sense of freedom and deep experience of love, and you begin to be fed by that love, opening up to all living beings.

5th dimension is moving into a state of unconditional love, a state of oneness with all life consciousness; having a direct experience of being one with the Universal consciousness, and having a conscious steady alignment to the pure love of your God essence. You remember your place within this universal consciousness and begin linking into your unlimited potential to create. You awaken to your natural gifts of creativity, remembering you full birthright to be able to manifest abundance on all levels for yourself, taking back your power of full manifestation. You remember your mission here on this earth plane. There is no fear; only an experience of love.

Moving from a 3rd dimensional state of consciousness to a 4/5th dimensional state is exciting and powerful for all of us and you have an important role to play in this transformation."

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