Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What is the Self Healing Prophecy - Part 2

As we judge ourselves, we automatically judge others, which closes down the loving principle. We build walls that close us off from others and from love itself.  Now it is time to break down those barriers so we can receive the energies of the Self Healing Prophecy, and in so doing receive the gift of love they bring.

The first step is to celebrate ourselves for the life we have lived up to this point; to turn towards ourselves with love, to hold our hearts and breathe this love in.  When we can accept that we have done the best we could with what we had  to work with and celebrate all of our experiences we will move out of separation from our true selves and into alignment within our heart. As we open to this truth we are filled with love and we can begin to work from our Sacred heart, transmitting love and creating true connections to others.

These heart connections are important to the awakening of all human beings, and for the soul connections and soul groups that will be coming together. The Prophecy energy helps us become more deeply aligned with Spiritual energies, so we can work with Spirit to realign ourselves to the energetic blueprint that we created for ourselves before we came to this planet.

As we begin to work with this Self-healing Prophecy energy, the Pleiadians will work with us as we navigate this journey completely honoring our individual process as it unfolds.

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