Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Planetary change and the Third Dimension: Part 1

Planetary change and the Third Dimension: Part 1

With the massive changes caused by the earthquakes in Japan I decided to share several excerpts from my book, The Pleiadian Initiations of Light. While there are many physical changes occurring on the planet there are also dimensional shifts that are taking place.   

"There are many changes coming onto our earth plane. Our planet is going through huge dimensional changes, moving from a 3rd dimensional planet to a 4th / 5th dimensional planet.

Let me explain what this means when I say that our planet is in a 3rd dimensional consciousness at this time. Throughout our planet there is a strong societal belief in our limitation and deficiency; that we are lacking. There is profound fear, which creates a mighty struggle and tiredness that permeates societies. If you are like most people, you are not in touch with your abilities-- your natural and unlimited ability to create--and you do not understand the divine aspect of Self. You have the illusion of being alone and separate, and are unaware of the beauty and magnificence of your individual uniqueness within the Universe. And over most of the planet, TIME is probably one of the biggest illusions; that time exists. The belief in time creates incredible limitation to reality. So this is a brief outline of the 3rd dimensional consciousness I refer to."

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