Friday, May 23, 2014

A Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones we greet you,

We bring to you news of a new light, a new dawning frequency entering your planet beginning mid May that will assist you to be able to flow more completely within your conscious awakening. This light frequency will enter the cells of your body and expand your capacity to be able to turn your gaze in a new direction beyond the illusion.
Do not hesitate to believe what is revealed before you as you align naturally within this new directional horizon. This new direction aligns and opens up through your consciousness, bringing you back to a natural expansion of conscious truth.

For those of you who are ready there will be a great revelation given to you through this light frequency. Alignments to this new light frequency are most easily accessed at the time of the rising sun. At sunrise you will find these revelations being opened up through you. Allow the energy of these revelations to move into your consciousness through letting go and just breathing. Allow the energy of the rays of light from the sun to flood you, to feed and nourish you.
Each day as you open to the rising sun, more will be revealed as your gaze is repositioned within you. Let go and allow. Know that you can also receive this awakened light frequency from the earth. Lie on the earth and let go connecting with your consciousness to the essence of the earth and just Be. Align your heart to the earth and allow the light frequency to work through the cells of your heart and let go.
Know that you are the rising sun, you are a natural part of the earth. We witness you as you step into resurrection.
The Pleiadians

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