Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Message from Christine Day

Hi Everyone,
I know this is a little late, however it just was not the right time until now to send it. I had to trust this feeling of just waiting for the time to be right, not understanding the reason but trusting. I do know that is how things are right now, doing things even when they do not make sense, just moving with the feeling of rightness and moving with the truth of that within each moment.
I do hope this newsletter finds you well and aligned to your heart center, hopefully not too entangled with the 3rddimensional illusion of the drama of life.
I personally have been having some powerful expanded light connections through the Pleiadians and the Galactic energies over the last month.  I do know this is to bring me into further energetic alignment, preparing me for the first live webinar in the Galactic series set to begin on May 20th. I am very excited to play my role in this series and so look forward to working with all of you that feel ready to be a part of these webinar classes.
I do know they will be revolutionary for each one of us and I can already perceive the energies of many of the sacred reconnections that will be made as each one of you open into your unique awakening through the power of the communication portal.
I can sense the powerful sacred energy building for this first class and it touches me deeply within my heart. I am aware of my hearts energy expanding in preparation for these upcoming series of classes and I so look forward to connecting to many of you at that time.
The Pleiadians tell me that we can expect levels of intensification to continue to build this month of May as the central rotation point of the earth dimensionally shifts creating a change within the magnetic core of our earth plane. This magnetic shift is creating an ongoing powerful recalibration within our energetic and physical systems. This step will enable each one of us to be moved and repositioned energetically in readiness for June 16th when a series of the ‘lifting of the veils’ is supposed to begin.
Remember however things may appear 3rd dimensionally, just breathe and let go, knowing all is in hand. The Pleiadians say that there will be a clarity that comes through the lifting of the veils in June. This will be the time that many of us will awaken from the dream, and begin to glimpse the Truth and live that truth once more.
Take heart that you are being aligned to be on your unique path at this time. Remember to reach out to your energetic support systems now, open up and ask for the support you need. You are not alone!
Sending love and Blessings,

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  1. Oh Christine, I am READY for this Series to begin. I have been doing the Awakening Zone meditations and your Transmissions everyday and am ready. I feel so much appreciation for the knowledge that the Pleiadians share with us through you and through my own body . What a combination....We are ONE, Christopher