Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pleaidian Tools for Self Realization, March 17th Message

The March 17th show is the 2nd show of a series of six shows that will run over the next three months designed to prepare you for what the Pleiadians are calling ‘the great shift’. Supporting you in being able to navigate your self through this time energetically as well as supporting your through a physical transformation within the cells of your body.

If you feel to, you can listen to the audio file in the Archives of the 1st show of this series before you work with this 2nd show. Links to both shows are available further down in this post. Each show is complete in itself energetically or you can build on each show.

As I speak with you on this show today I am overlooking a frozen Lake Superior with the sunlight hitting the aqua blue icy crystalline structures that have formed. Periodically wild deer and eagles can be seen and occasionally there are otter playing on the ice. All of this nature is a beautiful sight bringing to me a joy and a deepening feeling of being a part of this sacred time.

There have been many Pleiadian ships around us at this time as we already begun the next steps of aligning to the waves of levels within the Galactic portal, that we are being prepared to be launched to different elevations of understanding and dimensional light flow within the portal.. It seems as though we are energetically ready for these higher frequencies of the Portal and I feel an excitement almost an exhilaration/quickening within my cells at this next step. The Lemurians are present with me as I am being aligned and redesigned for the Galactic series. taking my place within this powerful movement that is about to be birthed within the Portal.

I know that each one of us is living an accelerated pace as these new dimensional energies are anchoring on the planet. It is absolutely a very challenging time on just about every level as we go through this powerful rebirthing process within the cells of our body and at the same time the earth plane is going through a similar dimensional birthing process.

I do know through this rapid transformation I am in a deep joyful place despite the 3rd dimensional daily challenges. I am being asked to making continual adjustments within myself as life as I know it transforms in front of me. That which was once familiar is no longer, and I look in the mirror and feel unfamiliar with that which I see. Who am I?

I continue to remember to let go and trust and that all is in hand. The 3rd dimensional illusion is very strong right now, nothing appears as it really is, let go and trust and connect into your heart center aligning you into truth, so that you can remain centered amongst any 3rd dimensional drama.

I hold this truth as I align to my heart, there is really nothing that I need right in this moment of time, I have everything that I need right in this moment! Living moment to moment is what we are being asked to do, not looking forward but just staying right now in the moment connected to your own sacred heart, just being!

My intention is to just open up and know that I are not alone, I reach out and taking comfort in the fact that I am going through deep change as I move forward. I honor my path and each one of you as you take your next step.

There are lots of challenges right now in front of us on a 3rd dimensional level and it seems to me that there is a magnification of these aspects going on. I cant remember a time like this filled with intensity, its like wading through mud sometimes on a 3rd dimensional basis!

I remind myself to not push the water right now, we need to just witness, accept what   we have no control of and just, trust and let go.

The most important thing to remember with this upswing in the dimensional settings is to just breath and align moment to moment. Don’t jump ahead of your self and just meet what is right in front of you, try not to project what is coming and worrying, this is the ego mind which will create a cycle of fear and struggle. Hold yourself within your heart center and just trust each moment and allow the unfolding to be witnessed by you. As you feel moved in one direction or another, just do and move and flow.

It is imperative that you don’t go ahead of your self, and just be in the moment being willing to just Be.

Beloved ones we greet you,

Today you move into an unlimited dimensional moment and align to dimensional aspects of flow to your sacred self. It is the time. You are being witnessed as you through conscious choice move into your birthing chamber. Claim this moment. Claim your self.

We hold the moment to allow your transformation, we hold the moment in the light and see you…. We see you and open into the holy moment of truth as you step forward into your light.


The Pleiadians

In the transmission today are opening into new dimensional structures of what the Pleiadians call the sacred moment, your heart responds to the sacred moments energy. Here you realign to aspects of your sacred energy through your creative light, it is the time for this conscious reconnection.

Listen to the March 3rd show here:

Listen to the March 17th show here:


We begin the Galactic series of live webinars beginning on the 3rd Tuesday of May, it will be at 6pm Pacific time. I am really excited about this, I know that I am ready and I have been moving through a series of energetic initiations to enable me to be able to prepare my cells energetically to not only create these Portals but to work energetically within the Portal. This next step is designed to bring me into a direct communication and alignment with the galactic energies through these communication portals. You will be aligned through the communication portal, first by a series of energetic realignments through your cells and then you will be brought into the portal communication through a pdf that will contain a template that will be sent to you just prior to the webinar.  I am so excited to play my part in these 6 webinars.

The dates for this will be May, June, July, September, October, November 2014.

You have a choice to participate in the full Galactic Series at a cost of $99.99

You can choose to register for one Webinar at a time at a cost of $19.99 per webinar.
If you sign up for all 6 and cannot make one of the dates there will be a audio file available of the class that you can receive to make up the class.

You can book your place in the webinars now. Spaces will be limited so book early. Go to the website it will be in the store.

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