Friday, March 28, 2014

Personal Message from Christine and the Pleiadians

Christine Day
Hi Everyone, 

The Pleiadians have been working very closely with me in the last month, bringing to me information about the importance of this time where the veils are lifting on another dimensional level to allow me to align in a more fuller way to the Galactic Council. 

I was up on the north shore just completing my second book. I had been channeling the book for many days and had taken my first afternoon off. I was given a clear message that there was a house waiting for me, and I was given the exact position of its location. As we drove along I could see a for sale sign on the road, I knew this was the house! 

It is set on three acres of land with its own beach and cove. We put in an offer on the house the next day… and we close on the property February 28th. This is the next step in my adventure! 

My instructions are to begin to open a series of Portals on this property. It is where the communication can be extremely clear. I am to begin a deep process of alignment within the Portals for a new level of alignment of communication to be created so that I can begin to bring in this information for all of us to receive. 

I feel excited and profoundly grateful for all that is being opened up for me at this time. I will be passing on the information that I am going to be receiving through the Portals to each one of you. 

This feels like a new beginning, a turning point for all of us who are ready to open into a new aspect of our birthing process. There will also be opportunities for you to come to this place and work within the Portals and allow your next steps in opening into this powerful communication source. This will be opening up in the Spring of 2014 and I will be letting you know specific dates as we move closer to the end of this year. 

I do know each one of us is coming into a new and profound understanding of ourselves. We as a collective group here on the earth plane have an opportunity to birth ourselves, and move as a collective consciousness supporting the shifting energies here on our planet earth. 

I hold each one of you with great appreciation for all that you are in this moment. 

Love and blessings, 

A Loving Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones we greet you, 

We greet you. We hold you as you go through some dramatic energetic changes within your planet. There has been an acceleration of the dimensional shifts taking place on your planet in the last two weeks, and in the coming weeks there will be a further intensification of the energetic portals and grid alignments on the planet. 

This intensification is being produced from the powerful energetic formation being created between the Crop Circles and sacred Megalith sites. There is a deeper synergy between them that opens up a further dimensional expansion that is birthing a powerful sacred webbing which is forming around your planet, like a womb. This womb opens up a ‘resurrection energy’ in which you are able to go through a rapid birthing process. This birthing energy creates the density within you, the unfulfilled aspects of your human self to begin to vibrate out. This reopens opportunities for you to meet your self on many levels. This is not a comfortable process. 

Each one of you is being called forward to let go and be willing to feel, to look and be willing to see your self in your vulnerability. To open and call forward the support that is around you so that you can set your self free, to shrug off the old shell and step forward. 

We hold you in love and great respect for your journey at this time, in your resurrection process. 


The Pleiadians 

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