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New series of alignments for The Great Shift on Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization

Christine Day
On March 3rd we began the 1st of a series of 6 shows that will run over the next 3 months designed to prepare you for what the Pleiadians are calling ‘The Great Shift’ to support you in being able to navigate your self through this time energetically as well as support you through a physical transformation within the cells of your body.

This Great Shift is to be a turning point as many veils lift bringing a sacred level of empowerment to those who are ready, and the Pleiadians give the time of June 16th   as being the time this is to begin. The may broadcast is one of the stepping stones from these 6 series of shows, leading you to ‘the great shift’.

As I speak with you on this show today I am overlooking a frozen Lake Superior with the sunlight hitting the aqua blue icy crystalline structures that have formed. It is a beautiful sight bringing to me joy and a feeling of being in the right place. There have been many Pleiadian ships around us at this time as we get ready to begin the next step of creating new levels within the Galactic portal that we are preparing. It seems as though we are energetically ready for these higher frequencies of the Portal and I feel an excitement almost an exhilaration/quickening within my cells at this next step. This morning I can feel a Lemurian presence with me, a sure sign to me that I am about to take my place within this powerful movement that is about to be birthed within the Portal.

I know that each one of us is living an accelerated pace as these new dimensional energies are anchoring on the planet. It is absolutely a very challenging time on just about every level as we go through this powerful rebirthing process within the cells of our body and at the same time the earth plane is going through a similar dimensional birthing process.

I do know through this rapid transformation I am in a deep joyful place despite the 3rd dimensional daily challenges. I am being asked to make continual adjustments within myself as life as I know it transforms in front of me. That which was once familiar is no longer, and I look in the mirror and feel unfamiliar with that which I see. Who am I?

I remember my guidance to let go and trust and that all is in hand. The 3rd dimensional illusion is very strong right now, nothing appears as it really is, let go and trust and connect into your heart center aligning you into truth, so that you can remain centered amongst any 3rd dimensional drama.

I hold this truth as I align to my heart, there is really nothing that I need right in this moment of time, I have everything that I need right in this moment! Living moment to moment is what we are being asked to do, not looking forward but just staying right now in the moment connected to your own sacred heart, just being!

My intention is to just open up and know that I am not alone, I reach out and taking comfort in the fact that I am going through deep change as I move forward. I honor my path and each one of you as you take your next step.

I have been directed to begin to layer the next energetic levels of the communication Portal and I can feel the beauty and powerful energies associated with this next level. I can feel a recalibration within my cells today in preparation of this next energetic wave being birthed, the Pleiadians and Lemurians are very close to me today, supporting me in my physical transition, and it’s tonight that we activate these new levels with the portal.

There are lots of challenges right now in front of us on a 3rd dimensional level, and it seems to me that there is a magnification of these aspects going on. I cant remember a time like this filled with intensity, its like wading through mud sometimes on a 3rd dimensional basis!

I remind myself to not push the water right now, we need to just witness, accept what   we have no control of and just, trust and let go.

The most important thing to remember with this upswing in the dimensional settings is to just breath and align moment to moment. Don’t jump ahead of your self and just meet what is right in front of you, try not to project what is coming and worrying, this is the ego mind which will create a cycle of fear and struggle. Hold yourself within your heart center and just trust each moment and allow the unfolding to be witnessed by you. As you feel moved in one direction or another, just do and move and flow.

It is imperative that you don’t go ahead of your self, and just be in the moment being willing to just Be.

Knowing that we are not in control, just do the best you can. My feeling is just knowing what needs to be will unfold in the right time, and that does not always coincide with what our ego mind wants. Remember you are not alone, and all is in hand, and Breathe.

Message from the March 3rd Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization Radio Broadcast

Beloved ones we greet you,

There are many veils lifting at this time on your earth plane, and with this changing dynamic on your earth plane you are being placed in a dimensional flux which brings emotional confusion and simply a ‘not knowing’ within the ego mind.

This is why it is essential that you only align to your heart center, as you align to your heart you are moved into an energetic dimensional setting that will allow you to function through your higher knowingness. We can fully support you from this dimensional setting space.

Much is to be revealed to you within your heart setting, these revelations will set you in a place of realignment to the sacred aspect of your self that does know, does remember and allow you a stable place of reconnection to exist within you.

It is the time. So by the simple action of placing your hand on your physical heart center you reclaim your sacredness. Bring your full consciousness and feel the warmth or pressure of your hand on your chest, use the conscious breath (in and out the mouth) and just let go. Then bring your consciousness deeper into the space that opens and repeat the process. This is how you can rebuild your sacred anchor.

We witness you in your conscious reconnection to Self.

The Pleiadians

In the transmission today we will be opening into new dimensional structures of what the Pleiadians call the sacred moment, your heart responds to the sacred moments energy. We will be working with new sacred sounds and a hand position to support you in being able to energetically align to the moment, this will support you in being able to stay more centered energetically and aligning moment to moment within the flow.

Call in support, give permission, remember the conscious breath.

You can listen to the entire March 3rd episode and transmission by following the link below:


The Pleiadians and the Galactic Council have finally given me the go ahead to begin the Galactic Series of webinars beginning on the 3rd Tuesday of May, it will be at 6 p.m. PST. I am really excited about this, it was postponed because energetically we were not ready to receive the Portal transmissions until May.

 I have been moving through a series of energetic initiations to enable me to be able to prepare my cells energetically to create these Portals and then work within these Portals. This next step is designed to bring me into a direct communication and alignment with the galactic energies through these communication portals. I will then transmit these communications out to you live on the webinars. As you sign up for each webinar you will be able to download a PDF containing an energetic template that will become activated during the webinars for your own awakening and connection to the portals.

The dates for this will be May, June, July, September, October, November 2014.

You have a choice to participate in the full Galactic Series at a cost of $99.99


You can choose to register for one Tele-Seminar at a time at a cost of $19.99 per webinar.
If you sign up for all 6 and cannot make one of the dates there will be a audio file available of the class that you can receive to make up the class.
You can book your place on the website
Webinar spaces will be limited so book early..

For those of you who book all six classes you will be given a 7th  class that will align you into a new place within your Self.

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