Friday, August 10, 2012

Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization - Message For August 6th, 2012

Beloved ones,

We greet you with energies from Home. We greet each one of you in love and with a deep appreciation for all that you are doing at this time. We are here with you today to form special alliances with you. There is a destiny call out, now, for each one of you to activate your pre agreements and form alliance groups to complete aspects of your mission, as well as open up to receive support for your self at this time and assistance in your unfolding journeys. 

We are here not to interfere, simply to support and witness you and bring you the understanding of these times on your planet so you can continue to take your steps forward to empower your self at this time. We lay before you tools that you can utilize to forge energetic alliances and liberate yourself, with the knowledge and understanding of what is before you. 

The Lemurian energies stand by to assist you in the birthing and activation of the crystalline structure within your physical bodies. They are the masters of the crystalline energies, and they bring their essence, love and commitment to you at this time, honoring your birthing process and holding a loving breath around you. Call them forward and utilize their expertise. Today you can create connections with us through conscious choice during the transmission.

The Pleiadians

This message was delivered during Pleiadian Tools for Self-Realization.  To listen to the archive, or download this show in it's entirety, including the transmission, visit the link below:

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