Thursday, August 2, 2012

Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones,

We greet you and we honor you and the journey you have chosen to take on this earth plane. We honor your human journey and the steps you take towards your resurrection process. We wish to remind you of your divine alliance to all other human beings on your planet. It's important to see how each human being is doing the best they can within their own experience, to witness each person in that experience, and honor how they need to be within the choices that they make for themselves in each moment. It’s about not interfering in another’s way, but instead understanding that they need their experiences and will do what they need to do in their own time. It is a true loving action when we choose not to fix anything for them, and this issimply because nothing needs to be fixed.

You need to witness the drama around you but not to become a part of that drama.

Make a conscious choice within your own life experience to be with your experience and not move into the drama of what is happening around you. Focus on what you have created around yourself. Open to the moment of learning, feel what is here for you to understand within your creation, and hold your self with love in that moment.

We wish to remind you of the intensification of the 3rd dimensional illusion on your earth plane. Don’t get caught up in this. Know that there is, through your sacred heart, a stillness, peace, and truth that will be revealed. Start by conscious choice to align more and more within your sacred heart. Through conscious choice you begin to align to your truth. You can do this for yourself and make a huge difference for yourself. You can also anchor this energy for the planet and for human kind.

We love and support you in this. Reach out to us and call us forward for support in all ways. It is the time for this.

The Pleiadians

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