Thursday, August 30, 2012

3 Day Pleiadian Seminar in October - Minneapolis, MN

Christine Day
In this seminar we have a first time unique energetic alliance of the Pleiadians and Lemurian energies. This is going to have a powerful impact within the seminar bringing a wonderful and powerful dynamic energy forward to assist you in building your crystalline structure within you.

This crystalline structure that is activated will open up a communication channel within each one of you, it will create new structures to birth your sacred heart into a natural receiving station, and the activation of your crystalline structure will re-open up your telepathic center within your brain for telepathic communication and telepathic communion.

We will be working with developing your ability of telepathic communication over the three days. This is so important at this time, it allows you to develop new relationships with communication with the natural forces as well as being able to deepen and expand communication with the angles, light beings, masters, and all energies in the Universal consciousness. They all work through telepathic communication. It allows you to take another step into your place.

We will also be working for the first time on the dimensional openings within the crystalline structure within your spine, these hold sacred unions for you. The Lemurian and Pleiadain energies will be present to assist you in this powerful awakening experience.

We will be utilizing the powerful force of the magical crystal vortex which will support you in your integration of this transforming electrical energy that will birth through your cells during the activations. You will be moved into a place where you will be able to hold more of your divine light within your cells of your body because of the new awakened electrical energy that has been birthed from the activation of your crystalline structure.

Another important focus of this event is to work within the sacred Matrix blueprints from the crop circles, bringing you to a re- awakened energy within your self. We will be working directly with the crop circles through this sacred matrix, receiving awakening codes that will birth new aspects of Self.
This is made possible because of the activation of your crystalline structure within you, it allows you to begin to take your place within the collective, and open to the sacred knowledge that the crop circles bring to us now.

This is just some of the amazing work that we will be doing together during this seminar.

All these awakening steps will be giving us many energetic tools in preparation for the 12/12/12 time, so that you can fully utilize the illumination waves that will be coming onto the planet for your transformation. The seminar is designed to prepare you to be able to fully utilize this very powerful time on 12/12.

I am so excited about this up coming seminar designed to bring tools and awakening to you assisting you in being able to fully utilize these illumination waves that will be anchoring on our planet on 12/12/12.

I look forward to working with all of you that feel called to be there.

Much love and blessings,

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