Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pleiadian Message from August 20th, 2012

Beloved ones,

It is time to take another step on your path. This involves being willing to take your place in a new way within your world. It is the time to be willing to expand  your consciousness to hold all human beings in a fluid place of inter connection within you, through your God consciousness. It does not mean you need to embrace the lower energies of the ego of each human being, but instead to open to the God consciousness that exists within each human on this earth plane, no matter how buried it appears to be. As you do this there is a sacred web that begins to birth through the planet, and this sacred web begins to spin, assisting in the awakening of Truth on your planet. This is love in action birthing through you, through that love births this sacred connection that you activate with your conscious choice.

The God essence /Oneness does exist and you can make the difference by activating this connection consciously and holding the truth of this connection within your heart. It is time for your next step and it will expand your own capacity to BE. We hold you as you take this next step forward.


The Pleiadians

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  1. Dear Christine,
    What's your sense of ascension. Are you confirming this will happen soon as well?