Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Pleiadians and the New Dawning, Part 3

As human beings it is time for us to evolve back into ourselves and hold ourselves with consciousness and love—a self-loving compassion. This part of the evolution is as important as the aligning and anchoring of our spiritual natures because it is this part that links us back to a conscious alignment with all human beings on the planet.

We are being asked to share a true experience of union and recognize that we are all interconnected, each and every one of us. Every single human being on this planet has a place on the universal grid in the universal consciousness. EVERY one. None of us are more or less than the angels, the light beings, or the Pleiadians that also have an equal place in the oneness.

The Pleiadians want you to understand the picture, to truly "get" what is taking place here so you can play your part. And clarity will allow you to step confidently forward into the new energy.
The Universal Consciousness is like an ocean of light. Each one of us is one drop in that ocean, and we are each a unique drop. Every single one of us is needed within that ocean of light, which is why the Pleiadians and the Universal energies are coming to support Earth right now for this awakening.

Even more importantly you can reach out to spirit, to the Pleiadians energies and to the Universal Consciousness for support as you move forward.  Accepting assistance from the Pleiadians, Spirit and the Universal Consciousness is a  conscious utilization of spiritual energies, and it is very important. The Pleiadians will never force themselves upon you or try to make you do anything, but they are present and waiting to assist you if you ask for their help.  

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