Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Not-So-Mysterious Spiritual Natures

The mystery about our spiritual natures that we have lived with for lifetimes is finally lifting. This is because the veil between dimensions is lifting. You are being given back the conscious power to realign with yourself through the use of conscious tools, and it’s not complex. We are starting to be given some very simple tools to help us realign with our spiritual nature and it involves learning how to connect to ourselves. This is the what is so simple yet causes so much confusion, because connecting to ourselves involves learning how to accept and work with our humanness. 

Many of us have believed the lie that we must be perfect to be acceptable. The truth is that we actually have to embrace our imperfection, and forgive ourselves. That is the most important step. When we are able to do this the gap between us and higher consciousness can shift.  So smile at yourself and hold yourself with that forgiveness and love, because loving yourself helps unravel everything that you have done to yourself or have held against yourself.  It's important to remember that the ego mind may be fearful, but if you understand that the programming you received about what you "should" be as a human being isn't true then you can begin help the ego mind let go of the struggle and the fear of not being "able."

Everything comes down to two choices love or fear. Love the sacred heart, fear the ego mind. The human being was never meant to have so much fear. Things got twisted, so sometimes as humans we find ourselves facing fear and struggle more than anything else.  Even in  our human forms we were not intended to have to  experience so much fear all the time. So, by meeting ourselves in a new way with love and understanding and forgiveness, we will start to transform those old self-limiting negative habits we have had for lifetimes. 

Remember we came here to learn and we are allowed to make mistakes. Each and every one of us has done the best we can in each and every moment. That's a simple truth. It's time to take ourselves off the cross and embrace who we are, to smile at ourselves and laugh at our mistakes. We have been waiting so long to do that.  It’s time to shift our perceptions, take the load off, set down our burden. It’s enough already, and I think we’ve done enough of this, don’t you?

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