Friday, November 14, 2014

November message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones we greet you,

As you move closer to the New Year, your planet earth will go through a rapid transformation. As you move closer to the New Year, you will also go through a rapid transformation through your physical cells of your body and through your energetic field.
Embracing your cellular change is essential at this time. By bringing your awareness into the cells of your body and using your life force breath into your cells, you move naturally into an acceleration of your awakening.

A new life force energy is entering the planet from November 1st. This energy will be creating an acceleration within you for your awakening. It is important that you begin to consciously move with this energetic flow that is being created through this new dynamic flow of energy entering your planet.

The dynamic of this energetic flow is going to create a changing element/essence to unfold within the dimensional setting on the earth plane. It will leave you in a confused state within the ego mind, and an elated state through your heart home space.

You will be able to align to Truth and Clarity from anchoring within the heart space like never before. Those of you who claim this Truth and Clarity by acting on it will benefit on many dimensional levels.

It is the time to claim what is rightfully yours… do not look back, do not hesitate!


The Pleiadians

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