Friday, November 21, 2014

Don't miss out on all the Pleiadian Broadcasts for 2014

Pleiadian Broadcasts of 2014, Available for Free!

The November Broadcast brings a compelling transmission from the Pleiadians that supports you in moving forward on your path at this time. With Christine’s new reconnections to the higher realms she have been initiated to hold an authority to work very differently with each one of you. This authority allows her to remove barriers within you that hold you back from taking your next steps forward and which keep you in a cycle of self sabotage. Through an expanded alignment to the Christ energy and Mother Mary she is able to place self resurrection imprints within your heart space, opening you up to your sacred home space that realigns you to your higher Self.

Releasing whatever is holding you back enables you to align more completely with the ‘lifting of the veils’ and with your pure source connection. You experience what it means to connect deeper into the moment through the heart ‘home space’ and you experience a powerful liberation from those 3rd dimensional issues that you have carried with you this lifetime and from other lifetimes.

 The transmission in the Broadcast has an accumulative effect on you, releasing all this is ready to go with each viewing. The energies continue to be more expanded as we deal with the ongoing magnification of human drama.

All the focus right now is on you - to align, to be fully living in the moment, and within your home space.

The sixth and last Broadcast for this year 2014 will be on Sunday, December 28th
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