Friday, November 7, 2014

November message from Christine Day

Hi Everyone,
It feels as though we are on the threshold of a powerful, forceful next step. The Pleiadians say there is an intensification of ‘the lifting of the veils’ to begin November 1st and they speak of these taking place every two weeks until December 29th.
It has come to my attention that the Pleiadian ability to predict specific dates is not very accurate! So I would say it is around November 1st… maybe just before or just after this date. Open up and ask for support in being made aware just before the ‘lifting of the veils’ takes place. It will support you in consciously aligning to these series of sacred opportunities within the 10 seconds time frame.
My experience of this last month has been an acceleration of energy that has brought me to a deeper need to let go within the moment and to totally surrender into a state of just being.
I do know we do need to let go of the need to understand. The Pleiadians say that our need to understand holds us back in our awakening. I know that the need to understand is strongly overrated by our ego mind wanting to know and then to try and control the situation. It’s just important to really get that even when you think you know, you don’t.
Let’s keep letting go into not knowing, and just being with what is in front of you in the moment.
Love and blessings,


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  1. Yes, Christine, thx for the message. I am always right there with you. That is exactly what I have been doing. Being in the moment and just feeling my body. Much Love to you and our friends.