Friday, October 10, 2014

October message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones we greet you,

There is an opportunity in this coming month for you to take a giant leap forward on your path. The doors will be opening wide on your earth plane for you to accelerate your awakening process to the next level.

Your earth plane will be going through a series of dynamic dimensional shifts beginning the 4th week of October.

There is going to be an accelerated 4th/5th dimensional anchoring on the planet coupled with a magnetic shift within the core of the earth. This combination of energies is going to create a heavenly frequency to anchor on your earth plane, opening up channels for you to reconnect with through your energetic field.

It’s as though your ability to communicate telepathically will be restored naturally through your systems. Your pineal gland will be reset to its original light flow enabling you to utilize this heavenly frequency and to move energetically within your physical systems to align to this divine timing mechanism that is within you.

You must be willing to let go of all that you think you know at this time. To be willing to be open, wide open…….     
The Pleiadians


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