Friday, October 24, 2014

Enjoy the Pleiadian Broadcasts of 2014 for FREE

Pleiadian Broadcasts of 2014
Available for Free!

The September Broadcast carried a powerful transmission and teaching to enable you to move forward at this time. The transmission assists you in releasing whatever is holding you back from aligning more completely with the ‘lifting of the veils’ and with your pure source connection. You experience what it means to connect deeper into the moment through the heart space, your ‘home space’ and move more into the ‘letting go’ energy on another level.

The transmission in the Broadcast will support you each time you view this material and have an accumulative effect on your releasing all this is ready to go. This is  especially supportive with the lifting of the veils coming on October 14th… We do need to prepare for this time. The energies are going to be more expanded and we’re going to continue to deal with a magnification of human drama. Every one of us to going to need to align and start living in the moment, within that heart center, within your home space.

The remaining Broadcasts for 2014 will be the last Sunday in November and December.

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