Friday, October 3, 2014

October message from Christine Day

Hi Everyone,
So much taking place right now.  I am sure you are all feeling the tremendous opportunities that are being made available to each one of us at this time through the powerful openings taking place as the veils continue to lift at three weeks intervals.
Each lifting appears to build on the one previously, each 10 second opening bringing each one a potential/an unlimited glimpse/opportunity of reconnection to aspects of self without the 3rddimensional illusion present.
The Pleiadians say that the series of veils that are lifting after November 1st will be increasing in intensity and will become more frequent. Energetically this looks like every two weeks instead of every three weeks.
So hold on, and let go. It feels like it’s going to be a bumpy but joyous ride into the New Year. I for one am just continuing to let go and be in a place of ‘not knowing’. Just being moment to moment and celebrating the moment.
What I have found is that there is a freedom in not knowing. There is a joy in not understanding, and it moves you into the opportunity of abundance and flow. This has allowed me to be spontaneously of the moment. It’s as though me and the moment are one. This allows me to open to the jewel that exists now, and become that jewel fully experiencing and receiving me right now.
Let go, and celebrate. Claim your moment!
Love and Blessings,

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