Friday, September 12, 2014

September message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones we greet you,

We receive you with love in this moment of time, reminding you that ‘the moment’ is all that truly exists. It is important that you focus on what is here and now within your heart space. That you do not get caught up in the drama of your 3rddimensional world, but move into the 4th/5th dimensional truth within the moment through your heart space.
Everything you need is within the moment as you connect to your heart space. It is essential at this time that you drop your involvement with the illusion of drama in your life and just focus on bringing your self back into alignment each moment. If you find your self caught up in the drama, breathe and move your self to your heart connection and then let go. You are the gift to your planet at this time. By aligning into your heart and being in the moment you bring ‘sunlight’ to your planet and to humanity. You make the difference.
You are ready to take a big step forward, the veils that will be lifting on the 4th and 24th of September bring a powerful opportunity of accelerated awakening. The ‘lifting of the veils’ brings to the planet a much needed balance of energy. By channeling the energy of the lifting of the veils through you, there can be a powerful opening of light created on your earth plane. Gather with others and channel this energy through you and out onto the planet, hold a beacon of light between you. Hold a state of acceptance of all that you are in the moment, anchoring the energy of Truth between you and then transmit this energy outwards onto the planet.
Know that you are not alone and remember to call in your support systems. They are waiting to be called.
So Be It!
The Pleiadians


  1. How do you handle financial problems. I have tried to let go and not worry, but it is very hard.

  2. BLéSSïNgS, Christine!
    I just discovered your beautiful work, with your June broadcast and meditation for lifting the veils, very timely!
    I have been preparing a new Tune-up utilizing Eileen McKusiK's "Tuning the Human Biofield" (just published) she uses tuning forks in the energy field around the body, ... I incorporate cherokee chakra chants in some sessions, (also Pleiadian in origin) & feel an alignment with your chants and breathwork....
    Thank you!