Friday, September 5, 2014

September Message from Christine Day

Hello everyone,

September is here. How amazing it is to see the year flowing by so quickly. The energy of ‘expect the unexpected’ feels as though it is definitely on the upswing. I do hope you are remembering to breathe and let go, trusting and letting go knowing ‘all is in hand’. This is the time to be committed to being in your heart center and aligning to the moment, no matter what.
Since my powerful awakening process that began in June I am on a path that is totally unknown, however I am stable in my joy and wonderment of where I find myself. I am ‘just being’ as I continue to unfold into deeper reconnections with the pure source energies of my higher self. Sometimes this new state of ‘being’ is overwhelming within this 3rd dimensional level, but mostly I am aligned within the moment where my full abundance and sacred connections hold me revealing truth and a clarity within each moment.
I have been in Brazil the month of August and will be here in Brazil until the third week of September. It has been a powerful and empowering time for me, opening to a new vista of energetic connection as I continue to unfold rapidly into unknown territory.

I do have a sense that the 3rddimensional world is going to continue it’s magnified drama and it feels as though it will even intensify further in the coming times. My intention is to continue to unfold and just Be, knowing that I make the difference just Being.

I do know that each one of you, by focusing on your own connection to source within the moment, will also make that difference. Together we can make a difference, my light …your light, as one.
Love to you all,


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