Friday, September 19, 2014

Recap of the fifth episode of the Great Shift series.

This is the 5th show to complete the series of 5 shows.

This series is really profound and I have been incredibly grateful to the Pleiadians for the material they have given me. It’s really enabled me to expand out my new alignments and awakenings that have taken place for me over the past months before this time that have brought me into a whole new, almost higher dimensional realm where I am working with a much different energetic authority. It enables me to really work with you in a very different way

The ‘great shift’ energy has been going since the 16th of June this year and it goes right through to the 29th of December and we have our next lifting of the veils September 28th.

I’m getting really strongly that we are going through an acceleration of energies October through December, which makes it more important even before that these series of five shows has brought everyone out there to a new level of connection to the heart center, to your home base within you, to that beautiful pure source of energy of your selves.

Today will be a further expansion and opening different levels of that in readiness for what is to come on the earth plane and what will be revealed to us through the ‘lifting of the veils’ on September 28th. It feels like very strong openings there. It feels like we are going to be taken into a higher frequency of dimensional connection with ourselves, a higher level of frequency of remembering on September 28th. Just be conscious of that as you do your work here and continue to do your work leading into September 28th.

You deserve to receive your own natural abundance and it is the time. It’s time for karmic release. It’s time for us to move into a state of full forgiveness of ourselves and make that decision to let go of the 3rd dimensional drama. And this is really important for you.

I personally continue to unfold within my awakened feeling of freedom and joy that I’ve never experienced in this lifetime on such a continual basis. As I have been moved into this higher dimensional realm, a higher frequency realm it’s just been really profound. It touches me deeply that I have these new connections that allow me to work with you in this different way.  It enables me to be able to release energetic blocks within you, opening through you that dense area of your body where you have just been holding old patterns for lifetimes.

I really want to remind you to let go of the need to be right in your life. The need to be right, that human need to be right holds you back so completely. And when you do let go of that need to be right it’s like you are really liberated because it controls you and it controls your actions, your responses. It doesn’t allow you to be free. It gives you permission not to know, not to be right, just to be. And that is incredibly freeing.

We are going to be doing continued work within the heart center today because there is that new realm that we are going to be entering, a higher realm of your connection to pure source today though your heart center. We are going to be clearing out some of those holding patterns that have been holding you back. There is a strong energy around receivership today and opening up patterns on resisting to receive – that is about self love, and you deserving love and deserving to receive your full abundance. And that comes in by connecting into the heart, into the moment and opening to your pure source.

It is going to be so important to slow down in your day to day life, giving yourself time to be in the moment, in your heart center and adjust to the new energies within you, especially after today’s transmission you are going to need to spend time coming into your new energetic heart space, this new realm of energy that will be aligned to your heart space.

I want to encourage you to go and work with the transmission in the broadcast it is life changing and will support you especially with the powerful lifting of the veils coming up very soon on September 28th… We do need to prepare for this time. The energies are going to be more expanded and we’re then going to be dealing with a magnification of human drama which is going to call for every one of us to really align and start living in the moment within that heart center and allowing that energy of home to come fully into the heart space.

Let go and be in the moment and feel that alignment to pure source, your pure source energy. With the energies expanding on the planet moving towards the 28th of September this transmission is really important and designed to bring you into these new alignment aspects of self, to coming home. And it is the time. It is the time for you to choose to move more into alignment with pure source. It is really simple – you come into your physical body into your heart center and just breathe and open into the moment. This is how you align to your pure source connection and you really then open to and align to the full abundance, the abundance and joy of being in the moment and feeling the full dynamic and energies that are here for each one of us to receive in each moment in time. Really be in alignment with pure source and ask, what is it I really need right now?

When you come into the moment you can really clearly see what is it that you need for yourself right now. What is the right thing for you to do right now. What is the right step to take in this moment in time that will move you naturally into abundance?

And this is the time to make that choice if we are willing to allow a change in our lives, if we are willing to align back to the pure source energies of home and anchor it in this physical form. It is a natural sacred alignment that opens you to your internal guidance, to your higher self-connection. All I am saying to you is why on earth wouldn’t you allow that for yourself right now? And I know we all have free choice and that is a truth and each one of you get to choose that moment by moment. I do know that I have moved into a whole new level of being and my life has transformed and I am in joy and gratitude because I have reentered the now. You know, I have just reentered it and all understanding and clarity you find within pure source that pure source connection is peace and it can only be accessed within the moment and you have got to access it through the physical body, through the heart center. So it’s so essential to be present noticing everything that is around you and just breathe and let go. That is how you reenter the now. Simple.  Claim your humanness, your physical body as part of the now experience.

Pleiadian Message:

Beloved ones we greet you,
Take this moment in time to make a commitment to Self. To witness your pure source Self, all that you are in this moment and know you are enough in the fullness of just as you are. Your pure source energy is waiting for this further anchoring through you. Just let go and surrender as these energies work through and around you. You are the one. You are the one that carries the unique frequencies of your pure source. We witness you and support you in your next step of birthing. Consciously birthing through surrender and gratitude for all that you are in this moment. Open into the abundance of the flow of this moment in time. Breathe and Be.


The Pleiadians.

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  1. Wonderful. I felt Mother Mary expressing her energy by the sounds, without known words, no concepts, no stories, no rituals! Thank You!