Friday, September 20, 2013

Three-Day Pleiadian Seminar, “Galactic Codes for Your Awakening,” Oct 4th-6th, Minneapolis, MN

Hi Everyone,

The Pleiadians spent some important time with me last night, informing me of the next expanded process that will be coming onto the earth plane. There will be a series of veils begin to lift on the 1st October through to the 16th October that will enable you to open a new aspect of your sacred nature. This is a huge opportunity for deepening your access to a sacred aspect of your self.

The Pleiadian Seminar is coming: both the Minneapolis/Bloomington seminar and Recife, Brazil seminar take place within this 2 week time frame when these series of veils will be lifted. The Pleiadians described to me last night some of the powerful opportunities that will be set in place during the seminar to assist each one of you within the energies that will be opened.

They have asked me to write to you and let you know about the energetic opportunities that will be set up during the seminar for you to be able to align and fully utilize this opportunity for your next step.

Within the seminar space there will be created a series of ‘initiating rays’ that will allow you to activate a series of sacred light connections opening at this time for you.

Alongside these ‘initiating rays’ will be twelve circles each holding sacred designs which when activated, create a dynamic repositioning of your DNA strands.

You will be given access to a rapid re-alignment to higher aspects of your natural gifts through the repositioning of your DNA strands. It will set in motion support for your natural realignment to opening into a self-healing process within your physical body, recalibrating your energetic system and opening a natural expansion into your telepathic communion center. The repositioning process activates a rejuvenation process within the cells of your physical body as you begin to birth a series of light frequencies within you.

The Pleiadians are putting out a call to all who are meant to come to the seminar and take part in their own accelerated awakening process through the ‘initiating rays’ and twelve circles of initiation.  At the request of the Pleiadians I pass this information onto you with my love.



For information contact Barbara Ramstad
Phone: 612-729-0229 


Or go to to register for the seminar. 

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