Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Personal Message from Christine Day

Hi Everyone, 

How good it is to be here on the planet right now with all of you. I am very much in a state of regeneration and there is a powerful force of energy moving within me as I take many new steps here on the earth plane. 

The process that began on August 12th and finished September 1st has been very challenging to an aspect of my ego mind but it has been incredibly important to assist me in defining my sacred self in relationship to my ego. 

I am grateful for the clarity and definition that I have received through my personal process. Realizing how important it is for me to engage an aspect of my ego mind as I step forward to take my place, as I step forward and let go on new levels allowing my ego mind to be fully included within the process, not just dragged along. I have discovered the importance of creating a working bridge between my ego and sacred nature. 

The Pleiadians spent some important time with me last night, informing me of the next expanded process that will be coming onto the earth plane. There will be a series of veils that begin to lift on the 1st of October through to the 16th October that will enable you to open a new aspect of your sacred nature. This is a huge opportunity for deepening your access to a sacred aspect of your self. These veils lifting bring you in alignment to a deepening extension to your sacred self, allowing for an acceleration of your connection to the rest of the universal community and a connection to home. 

I do know that this next step that is available to each one of us is going to be revolutionary in nature, as it is going to propel us forward to a designed energy of Self not previously encountered. Each one of us has the opportunity open up to us to move forward into a new dimensional vista, an expedition sacred in nature. 

I am excited by the huge energetic wave that I see around this form of energy, which is coming; this powerful amazing light that will be ours to re-access. 

I open to my full resurrection with love and trust and I hold a space for each one of you to have a glorious journey. So Be It! 

With love and blessings, 


A Loving Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved Ones we greet you, 

We bring news of your next step! Veils are going to lift and there will be a resurrectional light energy process opening up on your earth plane for all that are ready to move forward now. 

We have worked on the energetic timing for this event to take place and by the heavens we calculate it to be from October 1st – 16th. Know that each one of you have free will, it is through your own conscious choice that you take a step towards these powerful openings that are coming. It is for each one of you to open and align to this powerful light that merges onto your earth plane. 

Your hearts have undergone a transformation through the last energies that were with you. It is through your heart that you can align to these light frequencies, as the veils lift you can move into this resurrection light, it is designed to move you into a deeper reality of truth. 

Claim your rightful place within the universal community utilizing the force and clarity of the light that is yours, it moves through your heart cells and then opens you into a dimensional union with the light. Remember the light reveals the truth, it brings you into a natural alignment with your sacred gifts. 

It is the time to step forward and for you to be revealed to your self. 

Bathe in your light, it offers you a new sense of freedom, a new lightness of being. We hold you and witness you as you birth! 


The Pleiadians 

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