Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Message about Love and Compassion

Dearest ones,

It is time for us to turn back towards our human selves and build a new relationship with ourselves as human beings. It’s now the time to find a different aspect of loving yourself; embracing yourself and loving yourself for all your imperfections, for all your vulnerabilities. It’s part of your enlightenment process.

We are meant in this lifetime to change the dynamic, the relationship with our humanness, to self love—from a 3rd dimensional stand point of separation and self condemnation to a 4th 5th dimensional experience of self love—to accept ourselves in our humanness, with our vulnerabilities and our imperfections.

We must honor ourselves for our journeys we have had up to this moment in time and honor all the suffering—everything that we have gone through—all the things that we have created in order to learn to have our experiences—all the decisions we’ve made that have brought us to a series of experiences in order to learn.

We need to come to this place within ourselves, and we don’t have to do it perfectly. Get that—you do not have to do it perfectly.

Just one moment in time of holding yourself with love and compassion for every thing that you have been through—that one moment ends separation inside of you. And in that one moment where separation ends, when you hold yourself with that love and that compassion for every thing you have been through, it shifts every cell in your body.

One moment of self love. And it is accumulative. So this is about you beginning a process—one moment a week will do! It doesn’t have to be every moment—one moment a week of holding yourself with compassion over something that you did or didn’t do; for the journey that you had and all that you are in this moment, all that you are… the magnificence of yourself. 

And that may be too much for your Ego mind to take in. That’s okay. But do understand this is part of your enlightenment process, to begin to turn back towards yourself, in one moment. If you can commit to one moment a week and that moves you out of separation just for that moment, and then one day, guess what?  It’s like a tight ball inside of you, like a ball of twine and every time you touch yourself with one moment of compassionate love that ball of twine loosens. And then one day, guess what? It gets so loose it can’t hold together anymore and everything falls away.

So you don’t have to complete everything. Just start with a list. Write everything you have against yourself, a huge list probably – you know – didn’t do this, said that, shouldn’t have done this, should have done that, wasn’t there for this person, guilt, shame, condemnation. Make your list and start with one thing on the list and just be with that and breathe and feel how you did the very best you could in each moment. And that was enough.

It’s enough for the Universe; it’s just not enough for the ego mind. And how we punish ourselves and hold things against us. So this has to happen as you do the other. You can’t just think ‘okay, I’m going to be enlightened here. I’m going to be love and light. Love and light.’ And then the next day guess what, that love and light the rage starts to come up. Know that you are vulnerable as humans; you’ve got to have all these idiosyncrasies, we all have them.

We have to learn just to smile at ourselves and say, "Oh, look at myself again, I did this again," and laugh. And hold yourself, it’s okay. "I know I must have been afraid to do this again. Something made me afraid." The anger is just hidden fear. You know, just give yourself a break. We have given ourselves so much of a hard time in our lives. We’ve been through so much and now is the time to let go.

Let’s let go together.  I am really supporting each one of you in working with this human aspect with yourselves and being willing to give yourself a chance just to let go of the judgments for one moment, one moment in time that’s all. And then you move forward and your enlightenment process accelerates because know that when you hold things against yourself you are in separation. To become enlightened you have to end separation. And when you end it inside yourself, guess what? All of a sudden you love everyone else too. You stop judging every one else because every one is a mirror to you. So if you are judging this, you are judging all of that so an automatic repercussion of self- loving change of relationship with yourself is your whole world changes. You set yourself free. You liberate yourself. And it is time for liberation. We deserve that.

Spirit sees us in our beauty, in our pure beauty. Each one of us is a jewel, a brilliant light, and the human part is the part we came here to have an experience and in this life time we were meant to come here and be in our humanness, to love ourselves and consciously awaken to our own spiritual aspect and anchor it into this body in this life time. That is what we are all meant to do here now.

And what I love is with the crystalline structure it makes it all possible. I was wondering, how is that going to work? But with the crystalline structure it’s like ‘oh, we can hold our light.’  

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