Friday, February 15, 2013

A Personal Message from Christine

Christine Day
Hi Everyone, 

The first month of this year has been a powerful month and for me it seems like I am going fast forward. The energies within each experience seem to be highlighted and so I am focusing on just being in the moment and trusting each process in my life. I do know how very supported we are, each one of us is being held as we move forward on our paths. I also know how important it is to just let go right now, not necessarily knowing or understanding all that is going on. 

Energetically I feel a huge shift that has taken place on our earth plane since 12/12 and 21/12 and there have been some powerful energetic grids that were anchored on our planet at the New Year. The Pleiadians are giving me information on some new energetic alignments that are opening up right now on the planet. These are to support your ongoing awakening and to support you in being able to take some important steps forward. 

This is a powerful time for the rejuvenation of our physical bodies, a time for consciously doing things differently. Being willing to change and to move into another level of understanding within your place in the Universe. It’s time to take another step forward by seeing yourself differently within the role you are here to play in the universe. To move away from being small and insignificant and to claim your importance, the important role that each one of you are to play at this crucial time on the earth plane. Each one of you is needed right now. 

What I mean by this is that you need to awaken to the fact that you are here to play a role of receiving yourself consciously as being important. Don’t worry about others receiving you, work on receiving your self! Your own awareness of yourself and the role you have to play is about your own conscious action of claiming your place here and now. 

As you claim your self then doors can open for you, it’s like a simple key to a door. Accept your self being on the planet to play your role, accept your place… Just do this consciously and a door can open. This doorway brings you into an alignment of truth, understanding of your true place within this grand plan, and it will allow you to be able to know what your next steps are. They may be simple steps, because in reality this whole process is simple, one step then another, letting go and allowing your self to realign back to a truth. 

These energetic alignments that have anchored at the New Year are here to support us in coming back into a simple realignment. These energies are set up for you to rebirth into a state of claiming your place within the universe, that is, just knowing you are important, you make a difference just by being on the planet. The important step is claiming that truth through your heart. 

With love and blessings, 


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