Friday, January 4, 2013

Healing the Heart, Part 2

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When there is a difficult situation, stop and take a moment to hold your heart. Your heart needs a breath.  Breathe deeply in through the mouth and softly release the breath out of your mouth.  Let the heart open by releasing energy with this breath. You may even release a sigh or sound. This is called the Conscious Breath. Take a moment to be present with yourself. Breathe and feel.

You will experience a change in your feelings. You may feel calmer less agitated. There may be a feeling that things will be all right. You may even experience a simple solution to a problem at hand.  

You have come here to experience joy, and the wonders that are here on this earth plane.  Your heart needs to come alive in order to have those experiences. We have come here to feel.

When you begin to choose to connect with your heart, a re-birthing takes place.  Once you are in the flow of your heart, everything in your life changes.  It's as though you were swimming up stream against the current and suddenly you are free flowing down stream effortlessly.  This change is you moving into your natural flow of your Self through your sacred heart.  

The more you are willing to align to your heart, the more clarity you will begin to receive. Your heart gets stronger and stronger each time you connect to it. You can access understanding and answers to your questions through your connection to your heart

To begin birthing your sacred heart, you must become aware of your physical heart. Spend some time just holing your heart with the palm of your hand and taking a breath. Bring your consciousness to the feeling of pressure and warmth of the hand on your physical body.  This action is powerful. You are being with your heart. 

We spend our lives thinking of what is to come, or what has happened in the past. We are seldom in the present moment.  All we have and that is truly real is this moment.  When we choose to consciously be in the moment through the heart, oi can open past the illusion and into the clarity of the moment.  

As you connect through the heart, you connect to an unlimited source of Universal knowledge and understanding.  It is time for you to link into this aspect of yourself, and utilize the assistance that is here for you. Reach out through your heart and open to receive all that is here for you within the fourth/fifth dimensional realms. You are not alone!

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