Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Pleiadians talk about Fear


The Pleiadians encourage us to remember that fear is one of the greatest illusions within our 3rd dimensional planet.

The Pleiadians want to support you in taking action and moving forward on your path even when fear may be walking beside you on the way. Their recommendations are below:

 *Notice when ‘fear’ is present when you are facing a decision or must take action.

 *Acknowledge that fear is just a feeling. It cannot hurt you.

 *Know that whether you take the step or not, your fear will still be there.

 *Use the fear as an indicator an indicator of the importance of the action; the bigger the fear the more  significant the step that you are taking is.

 *Reprogram your response to fear by changing your internal reaction from seeing fear as a red light that tells you to “stop” your movement, to seeing fear as being a green light, and a signal for you to “go” forward.

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