Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pleiadian Message from September 17th Show

Beloved ones,

We greet you and want you to know we hold the energies open for you to move your self into a state of awareness of your freedom—the freedom to create from a place inside your self. You have the freedom to BE and to set your self on another pathway forward, towards your unlimited aspects of Self. 

Some of you feel confused about what is before you, but it is not that complicated. It is a simple process of reaching into your heart and feeling with your heart what it is that you desire. Hold the desire close to your heart and just simply breathe into it. Hold the thought of it within your heart and let the images grow inside of you. Just tend these thoughts as you would a garden, watering the garden, pulling out the weeds, and bringing more love to the garden. You need to be your own gardener, creating the beauty of your thoughts and tending to your inner desire.

Call for the support so that we can support you in your creation.

Together we can open the sun to come into your creation allowing a birthing and blooming to bring full color into your creation. We are here to witness all that you are.

In love and blessings,

The Pleiadians. 

To listen to the show in its entirety follow the link below:

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