Thursday, September 13, 2012

Message from the Pleiadians on 9-3-2012

Beloved ones,

We greet you. There are many new alignments being set up on your earth plane, right now, to support you in a powerful transition that is to take place within the next 4 months. It will begin within the next week and gradually build in strength as you move to the 12/12/12 dimensional settings.

It is important that you do your work now very consciously, to prepare. This includes working with your relationship to yourself—breaking down the separations within yourself. It takes courage to meet yourself and investigate what issues you have within that keep you from moments of self love.

As the energies increase the 3rd dimensional dramas will intensify. You want to move into a place of witnessing the drama and not being a part of the drama around you. This is achieved by beginning to end your internal separation within yourself. It is the time to end the shame, guilt, and self-condemnation. This is done a moment at a time. Not perfectly. However in each moment that you hold yourself with love, you break a powerful cycle that has been built up for lifetimes.

It is the time for your liberation. Begin today.


The Pleiadians

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