Thursday, May 24, 2012

There are still just a few spots open for the Shamanic Retreat in Joshua Tree, CA

If you haven't already registered, there are only a few spots left for the retreat in Joshua Tree.  

3 day Pleiadian Shamanic Retreat held at Joshua Tree, CA - JUNE 2012:

1.  The Pleiadians are ready to release a series of sacred teachings within the Medicine Wheel to all of us who are ready to receive them. Up to this point in time these teachings were  only transmitted to native people throughout our earth plane.
2.     The natural forces are playing a major role in our awakening process by assisting us in integrating the new levels of light that are birthing within our cells. It is now possible to form a telepathic communion with these sacred elements. We will be initiating into these communications through ritual. This will build your relationship to the natural forces, which is a necessary step for your enlightenment process.
3.     As you come back into this re-alignment with the natural forces there is an innate flow that is birthed within you through this reconnection. This flow allows a recognition and a deepening connection with  another aspect of you, and so ending levels of separation within your Self. This re-union is another step towards home.

I invite you to come and share with me this first time journey being held at Joshua Tree.

I hold the space for each one of you who is called to be there. Please note there is no previous experience required to attend. For more details click the link below:

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