Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pleiadian Message from April 16th

Beloved ones we greet you.  We call you forward at this time to open up your consciousness towards us and allow us to support you and your mission, understanding that your mission is you, and you are your mission. The energies are intertwinded within you. It’s as though your breath holds the energies of your work—of your essence—and so as you breathe consciously you are forming a pathway of energy in which you birth yourself. I know that there appears to be confusion right now, however this is only an illusion so that you can move forward within your self without the ego mind interfering. All is in hand. Yes you can breathe and let go of trying to control the situation. You can let go and not try and make something happen. All this effort, all this struggle creates exhaustion for you. I say again, all is in hand. The doors will open as the time is right. Only then can they open wide. The winds of change are here and you should breathe and rest, allowing the energy of the great sun birth you, rejuvenate you, hold you, love you.

The Pleiadians

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