Friday, May 11, 2012

Pleiadian Message from May 7th

Beloved ones we greet you. 

We hold the energetic space for each one of you to understand the role you play right now in your life, a powerful role that gives you access to your own divine Command energy. Know that you hold the power to transform yourself. You hold the power to self heal. There is a command energy within you that you can access. It involves a simple knowing that you have the right to open up into your Command energy with a Conscious breath, calling forward your essence—Not through ego, but through your sacred heart connection. 

Simply open up through your heart and call forth your own healing energy. Your energy is now available for use, and as you step forward and anchor this command essence you begin a new birthing process within your cells. Your divine signature begin to activate through your crystalline structure, and your crystalline structure begins to light up with your sacred essence.

Be here now with your Command energy. Be here now with your conscious commitment to your self. Take your place now in this moment and feel your energy begin to build in you with each conscious committed breath. We witness you.

The Pleiadians

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