Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two Major Upcoming Events

Hi Everyone,

I felt to write to you to share a little about two very important upcoming events. You may already be aware of them, and yet I am being guided to share with you the importance of the initiations that will be taking place at each event.

3 day Pleiadian Shamanic Retreat held at Joshua Tree, CA - JUNE 2012:

1.  The Pleiadians are ready to release a series of sacred teachings within the Medicine Wheel to all of us who are ready to receive them. Up to this point in time these teachings were  only transmitted to native people throughout our earth plane.
2.     The natural forces are playing a major role in our awakening process by assisting us in integrating the new levels of light that are birthing within our cells. It is now possible to form a telepathic communion with these sacred elements. We will be initiating into these communications through ritual. This will build your relationship to the natural forces, which is a necessary step for your enlightenment process.
3.     As you come back into this re-alignment with the natural forces there is an innate flow that is birthed within you through this reconnection. This flow allows a recognition and a deepening connection with  another aspect of you, and so ending levels of separation within your Self. This re-union is another step towards home.

I invite you to come and share with me this first time journey being held at Joshua Tree.

I hold the space for each one of you who is called to be there. Please note there is no previous experience required to attend.

3 Pleiadian Seminar: Preparing for 12-12-12 held in Minneapolis, MN - OCTOBER 2012:

1.  The Pleiadians created the crop circles that are on our earth plane. They say that these are only now beginning their full functioning role. Some of their beginning roles are to align all the Sacred Megalithic sites (like Stonehenge) back to their original purest form. The crop circles are birthing Ley-lines between themselves and the Megalith sites all over the planet. This is creating an energetic weaving/webbing throughout the earth plane, to assist our planet and us in our dimensional transformation.
2.   There will be an alliance with the Lemurian and Pleiadian energies in this workshop. They are coming together at this time to create a powerful synergy to assist us in birthing within the crop circle Matrix. There will be sacred texts given to you so you can be received within the Matrix of the crop circle, where you will be birthed into another level of awareness of your path, and of your Self.
3.   The crop circles hold the essence of all our master blueprints. Through the use of  Sacred Texts given to you and then activated by you, as well as the connection with the Lemurian energy within the crystal vortex, we will move into a profound adventure together to re-align into our new essence, and birth levels of our new crystalline structure within our bodies.
4.   The Lemurian energies bring forth elements from the 12 Sacred Scrolls; they will be transmitting some aspects through the crystal vortex to you.

This process is designed to bring you into a state of energetic readiness for the transformational light that will be anchoring on 12/12/12. There will be a set of energetic tools given to you during this profound time.

You will be invited to bring a crystal that will be able to receive and anchor the energies of this knowledge.

This is going to be an amazing journey for us all. The call goes out through me from the Pleiadians and Lemurians to you.

With love

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