Thursday, March 29, 2012

Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones,

There are many keys available for each one of you to utilize at this time for your awakening. It is you finding your own unique key that is within your self that will open a doorway that you can walk through.

Your individual keys can be found through the crystalline structure that is currently birthing through you. Each one of you has a unique aspect within your crystalline structuring. It allows you to move into a new awakened alignment with the spiritual realms and with all the family of light.

Know that you are part of the Family of Light, and today you are being asked to open up and consciously align to your place within the Family of Light.

This is your time to Be, to birth and celebrate all that you are.
There never has been a time like the present for this resurrection process, birthing you into being.

All these keys can be revealed within your self, as your answers lie within.  Don’t be distracted by your 3rd dimensional illusion. Move within your self and be willing to ask, “What it is I am needing at this time to take my next steps?”

As you move into a clarity of what are your needs are, be willing to take your first step. This first step is to ask for support from us, the Pleiadians and the Spiritual realms.

It’s in the asking that the difficulty lies for many of you. It’s as though you cannot believe that the support is possible, almost that you don’t believe you deserve the help!

Part of your resurrection process is to reach out and ask for support. That is part of you taking back your power. This support is a part of your natural birthright. It is a part of your natural passage through to your self-awakening/self-discovery.

You see, you were never supposed to do this alone. You made pre-agreements to receive support at this most momentous time in your evolvement.

You are all being held in support of you taking your next step. There is so much love and appreciation for all that you are doing on the earth plane at this time.

Reach out, take your next step!


The Pleiadians

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