Friday, March 16, 2012

Message from the Pleiadians - March

Beloved ones,

We greet you now and hold you with love, just as you are in this moment. You are currently on the threshold of another level/wave of awakening. There will be new waves of energy moving onto your planet within the next 2 weeks, these energies are designed to align and speak to your heart, to re-align you to your truth. To open up an understanding for you to be able to hear and respond to all within your self. It is the time to believe, to believe in your selves once more, to believe in your heart.

It is also the time to be willing to look at all your old ways, old feelings and not to be afraid to feel, not to be afraid to feel the old feelings of shame, guilt, sadness but to meet these feelings and hold your self as you allow the feelings to be felt and then let go. It’s about meeting this old part of your self in order to let go and take another new step forward.

We hold you close as you move forward, remember to call us forward at any time, we need your permission to assist you. we are here to assist, and simply to hold the love.

With love
The Pleiadians

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