Friday, December 27, 2013

Final Pleiadian Broadcast for 2013 this Sunday!

Christine encourages everyone to watch the final Pleiadian Broadcast of 2013 on December 29th at 10AM-PST

According to Christine this Broadcast is vital! The Pleiadians say very powerful energies are coming in the New Year, a very strong readjustment of the dimensional energy of the rotational point within the earth. This is taking place on New Year, which will create tremendous transformation and challenges.

You are really going to support yourself by aligning to what the Pleaidians call the ‘stability point’ in your heart center. This is ready to birth and will assist you in staying centered in your heart and enable you to flow with the dimensional shifts and earth changes that are coming.

On the October 27th Broadcast there is a process which opens and activates the ‘stability point’ in the heart center. It will support you to work with this material prior to the December 29th Broadcast.

The December 29th Broadcast will carry powerful transmissions for an expanded birthing of your ‘stability point’ within your heart center in readiness for a “big shift” coming to the planet in the New Year. There will also be a process for a birthing and expansion of the energetic field of the heart on the broadcast.

It will be really important to work with this and allow the realignments to assist you in navigating through the times that are coming. And they are strong. I have never felt them so strong as the energies that were presented to me in preparing for this broadcast.

As the Pleaidians say, this is part of the shift that is coming. There is nothing to fear, but you must stay aligned to your heart center and out of the 3rd dimensional drama that will accelerate in the year 2014. There is going to be a strong intensification of the 3rd dimensional drama from the New Year on.

The Pleiadians say, nothing is as you think it will be., nothing will be predictable. The only place to be is in your heart center and anchoring into those alignments. Being, moment to moment. To let go and trust, all is in hand.

We hope to see you at the video broadcast on our web site. This is not to be missed! 

To view the show go to and click on Pleiadian Broadcasts.

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