Saturday, December 21, 2013

Audio Exercises Included with Christine Day's Pleiadian Principles for Living

Christine Day
Christine Day's newest book, Pleiadian Principles for Living comes complete with easily accessible audio files. Christine describes how the exercises work: 

"All audio exercises carry light initiations channeled by the Pleiadians for your awakening process. They are multidimensional in nature and are designed to bring you into a reawakened state, realigning you back to aspects of your sacred nature. Understand, these files were created for you to listen to them over and over, each time receiving new levels of the material as you transform with each exercise. 

There are sacred sounds held within the audio files that you are asked to work with in step-by-step processes. The Universal community recognizes each person through their unique sacred sound. The sacred sounds create a rejuvenation within the cells of the body and a rebirthing of your light is anchored through the cells creating a physical self-healing process within the body. 

There are activations of the crystalline structure within the body through sacred sounds within certain audio files, and process for working through the telepathic center of the brain for telepathic communion." 

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