Friday, October 18, 2013

A Loving Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones,

We greet you at this powerful and empowering time on your earth plane. We bring news of dimensional shifts and transformational times coming, beginning in the last few days of October. These are designed to open you to a new energetic flow of light consciousness that is coming onto your planet. 

There are to be a series of powerful energetic shifts moving through the anchored grids on your planet, these are going to create upheaval and change. Be prepared to align consciously to your heart center, you need to be committed to this action within your self, in order to stay balanced and to have the capacity to flow during this transitional time.

Flow and breathe, flow and breathe. You will not be able to understand much of what is going on during this time frame, you need to be prepared to let go and trust on a new level.

Your stability will only be possible through your heart center during this time. This is your central place of anchoring. An anchor needs to be established through your heart in readiness for this time. It is going to be necessary for you to birth a structure within your heart center to maintain your stability at this time of upheaval. We will be working with you in the October 27th broadcast to assist you with the creation of this structure.

We hold you.  You need to reach out for the support that is waiting for you to call them forward. It is the time now during this transition to utilize this support that is available to you.

The Pleiadians

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