Friday, May 10, 2013

Sneak Peek - Chapter 2 of Pleiadian Principles for Living

Pleiadian Principles for Living, a handbook designed to assist people in navigating through the changing times, is scheduled to launch on June 26, 2013. Until then, here's a sneak peek:

Chapter 2 –


In this ‘new dawning’ time the dimensional energies on our earth plane have changed, and will continue to expand and change. The 3rd dimensional illusion that has been operating on our earth plane for lifetimes (which is connected to our ego mind) is slowly being absorbed while new levels of 4th/5th dimensional energy (which aligns you to your divine aspect through your heart) has begun anchoring/ birthing on our earth plane. The earth is going through a metamorphosis and so are we as human beings going through great physical and spiritual transformation.

An important and exciting next step for us as human beings is that we are ready for a change in the way we work with our personal power. In times past you (played a passive role) sitting back and waiting for experiences to come to you.  However in this ‘new dawning’ era the time has come for you to open up through the action of ‘conscious choice, to utilize your personal power.

This new dawning is a time where you actively participate through the awakening of your ‘conscious choice’ and in this very movement of choosing you are aligned to the natural flow of your personal power. This ‘conscious choice’ allows you to begin to anchor within your power consciously, beginning a journey back to re-aligning to your original aspect as a ‘Being of Light’. Re-aligning back into your place once more to the Collective Consciousness within the Universe.

You are being called to begin through ‘conscious choice’ to play your role and this is what will birth you and accelerate you in your awakening process.

This dimensional shifting within the earth plane has created a ‘lifting of the veils’ on our planet bringing to you new opportunities of being able to relate and interact within aspects of your divine self in a conscious way. This new dimensional energy has re-opened a pathway for you to begin to journey within a different energetic framework within your self on the earth plane.

And this new pathway makes accessible to you a remembering of your mission, giving you access to an understanding of these times and at the same time, reconnecting you to sacred parts of Self.

There is the grand plan leading you step by step into the completion of these changing times. This plan waits for you to access it and there is an aspect of this plan that has been created for you to align with when the time is right, and for many of you the time is now to begin this conscious aspect of your journey.

I liken this plan to a grand map that is designed to guide you, uniting you to your own unique framework of energy within the whole. This map will allow you to understand and to be able to connect, align and to witness the overview of Self within the Collective Consciousness at this time and during your journey, leading you into the completion of the earth changes.

Each one of us created our ‘blue print’ before we came onto this earth plane. A blue print is like an active pathway that contains our unique divine signature aligning you to your mission here. You have created your blueprint that contains your individual mission, and this energy of your blueprint is what moves you towards fulfilling your mission. Your sacred consciousness is woven throughout your blue print, aligning you directly with your place within the Collective Consciousness. Know that we cannot be on this earth plane without a current active blueprint. We must have a blue print to align and be able to interact with the life force into the Collective Consciousness within this Universe.

Through your ‘conscious choice’ you can activate this natural alignment to your blueprint. All is ready for you to begin to re-align with what you have pre-chosen for your self at this time to fulfill. For lifetimes your ego mind has controlled your movements. At this time with the ‘new dawning’ energy there has been a shift/change. Now a stronger current of Truth moves you forward, it is like a current in a river moving you into the flow, weaving you into the light of your divine connection.

The simple action of you opening up through ‘conscious choice’ to step forward and call forward your alignment to your blue print is all that is required. This is like a key that is re-opening a doorway, your doorway onto your pathway, and into the weave of the flow back to your place.

By utilizing your ‘conscious choice’ you are able to return to your natural birthright of opportunity, and this opportunity comes in the form of you beginning to reopen this doorway to be able to reclaim your right to operate within the universe.  As you begin to open through your ‘conscious choice’ you create an impact within the universal consciousness.

The simple action of you opening up through ‘conscious choice’ to call forward your alignment to your blue print is all that is required. Utilizing your ‘conscious choice’ is like a key that is re-opening a doorway, your doorway onto your pathway and into the weave of the flow back to your place.

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