Saturday, July 21, 2012

Recap of Recent Local Pleiadian Transmission

In a message from the Pleiadians we are being asked to connect with them and the angels masters light beings and our teams each morning (early) before we start our day each day.  It is the time to honor our pre-agreements and as we do this and connect to the aforementioned support group, which of course is a unique team of beings for each of us, our pre-agreements become more recognizable to us.  Our team members will greatly assist us to make manifest all that we pre-agreed to do.  It is the time of miracles and ease as we work with our personal support groups and remember who we are and what we came to do at this time.   There is no limit to our capacity and what we can do.  Ask and you will receive.

One futher thing to add.  There will be many changes happening in the outer world but this is illusion, and we are to witness and love but not get involved with the drama.  We can be the eye in the center of the storm.  The work we have all done allows us to hold this space.  We are to align ourselves when we find we are out of balance, as that is where our energies are best spent.

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