Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pleiadan Message from July 2nd

Beloved ones,

You stand on the threshold of another turning point within you. As you take this step today and activate these energetic portals, you will find a new depth within you. There is just a moment in time, a breath taken and you move your self into another state of being. You actually connect to aspects of yourself that have been laying dormant. Now you step forward. With hands out stretched you reach for yourself. You receive you. It's like a small child taking it’s first step, but this is not your first step . . . However this is the first step in this new direction. Breathe and move towards the brilliance of your light. Breathe and receive yourself through the portals of light within you. We hold you with love and a great appreciation for all the moments that bring you to Now.


The Pleiadians 

To listen to the entire broadcast for July 2nd, 2012 follow the link below:

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  1. Wow. Ancient people from the Pleiades, you fly ships like cities, from a different reality. These are words of a song I wrote years ago. And the Pleidians actually put a tone onto my recording. It was a single strong sustained note in tune with the song. But I didn't put it there. And it came right when I mentioned the Pleiades. Just wanted to share that.