Friday, June 27, 2014

Three Day Pleiadian Seminars this fall

The ‘great shift’ energy has begun to anchor  on the earth plane from today, this is going to create a strong turning point in the road for each one of us who are awake, it will be continuing right through to Dec 29th.

We will be working with some powerful ‘letting go’ transmissions today during the transmission, in support of you working with energies already coming onto the planet to enable you to ‘let go and move into a new dimensional setting that will opening now in the ‘great shift’ energy from today.

Pleiadian Three-Day Seminar – Mastery Class            

October 11, 12, 13 Bloomington, MN
September 12, 13, 14 Brasilia, Brazil

For the first time the Pleiadians will be presenting to us a series of sacred tools to awaken us to our master energy. Our master energy is our pure light source of your higher self, these sacred tools from the Pleiadians will open you naturally, giving you access to your own pure light source energy connection/higher self.

In a three-day process you will re-access and develop and unfold within your own pure light source access and learn how to work with these sacred tools to support you in your day to day living.

We will be working within the powerful crystalline vortex to further expand and integrate your Master energy, and then initiating and developing your own Master essence within galactic portals that are being made available for the very first time to us from the Pleiadians.

To sign up for the Three-Day Pleiadian Seminar (in the U.S. or in Brazil) visit:

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