Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pleiadian Message from August 5th Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization

We have had some new information from the Pleiadians. Through a dimensional shift in the rotation point within the earth there are a series of vibrational pulses in the form of light frequencies coming onto our earth plane. This is going to begin next week creating an intensification of energy on our planet. This energy will create a magnification of experiences around you in your life in the coming weeks.

It is so important for each one of us to be very clear about what you need to be doing, where you need to place your self, and I am going to be speaking about this today, bringing to you guidance from the Pleiadians on how you can approach your life during this time of magnified energy.

We will of course have a transmission from the Pleiadians on today’s show that is essential in staying balanced during this changing time, and we will have a strong Galactic presence here today to support you in your initiations throughout this transmission.

Beloved ones we greet you, 

You are entering a ‘new dawning’ phase within your earth’s energy. There is a change within the rotation point of your earth about to take place. This change is being created through a dimensional shift within the earth’s central point. This is going to change the vibrational pulse of the frequency of your earth plane, opening up a series of energetic pulses that will directly affect your physical energies.

And so it is essential that you consciously align to your crystalline structure within your heart to receive the necessary energetic adjustments within your own energetic framework. It’s through conscious choice that you begin to align to this changing flow through your heart center, which will enable you to receive the re-calibrations through your cells of your heart. This new movement opens you into a natural re-alignment with this flowing dimensional shifting pulse.

This is a next step for those of you who have already begun your awakened journey. These energies that are carried within these pulses are designed to re-align you to different states of consciousness. As you are realigned to these states, there is access given to you to expanded levels of the ‘living principles.’ This is the time for your rapid movement  forward.

In today’s transmission we the Pleiadians will be holding specific placements within dimensional spaces in which you will be repositioned energetically within your cells. Just let go and allow your repositioning to Self, let go and just go with the flow within the openings that are presented to you. An aspect of this repositioning will affect realignment of your DNA strands.

We are with you as you take this next revolutionary step.

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Sacred Patterning and Living Principles
With Christine Day – Pleiadian Ambassador 

This is an Online Event, this event is NOT a download product. it is presented only in the Awakening Zone Academy 

Christine Day, teacher, healer, author and channel for the Pleiadians, gives a fascinating account of her life-changing meeting with the Pleiadians, who are an aspect of the God consciousness, the Oneness. Then, joined by the energies of Mother Mary and Jesus, she presents these messages of self-empowerment in order to assist listeners in moving beyond limited 3D energies and dynamics. Using words, sound and energy, she offers potent transmissions to help reconnect the human and divine. 

Session 1: Sacred Patterning of the Heart opens the heart into an expanded reconnection of a sacred alignment to Self through receiving multi-dimensional levels of the birthing of the 'sacred patterning' within the heart center. The patterning allows a natural reconnection to the universal community as well as bringing a transformation within the human aspect of your self, bridging the gap between your higher self and human aspect to accelerate the enlightenment process. 

Session 2: Anchoring the Seeds of the Living Principles is designed to help you receive the 'living principal' energies for your awakening. In this presentation, Christine talks about the 'living principles' and then provides light and sound transmissions, enabling the listener to begin this advanced birthing process as they consciously open to multi-dimensional levels of the 'living principles.' 

Note: these presentations were given in Brazil and include consecutive Portuguese translation. 

Sacred Patterning of the Heart – 1:17:14 
Anchoring the Seeds of the Living Principles – 1:17:07 

August 12 – Registration closes 
August 13 - 14th – Invitations sent. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER if you don’t receive your invitation, e-mail 
August 15 – All sessions available in the Academy 

Session audio will remain available online until November 15, 2013. 

COST: $50 

Note: Translator, Webhost and Shareholder point certificates ARE eligible to use for all Awakening Zone Academy (AZA) Online Events 

How to Attend “Sacred Patterning and Living Principles” 

• Create an account in the Awakening Zone Academy (if you don’t yet have one) 
• Pay for the course here in the Crimson Circle store 
• Your invitation to the Academy event group will be e-mailed 2 days before the event begins

Blessings, The Pleiadians 

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