Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hi Everyone,

The energy of Lake Superior is amazing to experience. Each day I find myself moving into a deeper process of rapid transformation. I am in awe of the power and multi-dimensionality that I witness within myself being birthed moment by moment. Alisa and I have taken our next step towards the activation of the Portals. I know that we are activating an extremely important aspect of a main branch of energy for the planet.

I was given this information about the “main artery” that we would be opening within our earth plane. At first I was skeptical, however, I know this as a Truth now. I step forward claiming this Truth of the work that we have pre-agreed to do.

As we begin preparing the crystals and stones for the first Portal, I can sense a powerful force within the Lake beginning to respond. This comes through a transmission of light, emerging from under the water, and rising upwards to align with the crystals and stones as they are being programmed by the vortex.

With each step I need to integrate this powerful force within my cells. I find that I take one step forward and need to rest, to integrate. I am not in control of this process. I can only move forward as I am allowed. I do know the importance of not pushing, and instead being more aware of letting go, and letting go and letting go.

I am beyond grateful as I awaken each morning during this time, knowing I am ‘in heaven’ and opening to my Joy.

With love, 

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