Friday, June 14, 2013


Christine Day

Hi everyone, 

We are finally into Spring weather at last. For those of us moving from winter to spring we have had a very long winter. I do feel it has reflected a very powerful time of inner self-transformation and resurrection, not easy but so very essential for each one of us at this time.

I have been moving into a focus of just being in the moment, and consciously opening up to what I have created for myself to experience within each unfolding moment. Consciously working to unfold for my next step.

I have also been focusing on my energetic support system that is around me, asking for help and utilizing this help in my day-to-day requirements. Through this intense time I have been experiencing a strong sense of new energetic alignments opening up through me.

With the snow melted I get ready to begin to build a working connection to the natural Galactic portals that are on our land. I can feel a re-calibration within my cells in readiness for this next step of communion with the Galactic energies.

I know this is going to enable me to work within the powerful multi-dimensional energies within these Portals. I am excited! I know I will be given channeled information within these new connections that I will be a part. I know this information will come in many forms, so that I will be able to pass forward the varied initiation energies to each one of you that is ready. I say to myself and I say to you, “ Are you ready for this adventure?”

My answer is YES!

Love and blessings,

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