Friday, March 29, 2013

Upcoming launch of Pleidian Principles for Living

Mark the date, June 26, 2013, for the launch of Pleiadian Principles for Living, a handbook designed to assist people in navigating through the changing times.

What's up with the latest Earth changes? What else is happening on the planet? What’s happening to us physically? How is the shift taking place on our planet, and how is this birthing process unfolding between us and the natural forces on the planet. Pleiadian Principles for Living speaks of how our relationship to the universal consciousness and the spiritual realms is changing and how we can now start being part of the flow through conscious choice.

Audio files attached to the book will allow you to go in and journey to activate your crystalline structure. You'll also receive step-by-step processes to work with to assist you in aligning to the natural forces as well as how to use telepathic communication and the telepathic communion center.

It’s all self-empowerment. The Pleiadians are here on the Earth plane because they have a pre-agreement to be here now to help us during this time, which they call the New Dawning. 

Click the link below to preorder the book on Amazon:


  1. I am very excited! :) I cannot wait for this book to come out. Will it be available in the stores in Canada on June 26?

  2. yo soy de chile y ya lei el primer libro , ojala pudiera conocerla algun dia