Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Pleiadians Share About Conscious Participation

The Pleiadians desire to give us all the help we are willing to accept, and they also say we must take an active role working with the Spiritual realms on a daily basis through conscious participation:
-   Commit to spend time each day to communicate your detailed needs for the day with the Spiritual realms. It is best to do this in the mornings so you are moving through your day together with the same goals.
-   Be specific with your needs, or in the areas you are asking for support.
-   Be willing to receive the support that is given, especially when the ‘support’ presents itself differently than your ego mind expected.
-   Consciously open to receive, through your Sacred Heart, the messages and signs that are sent to you from the Spiritual realms.
-   Trust your intuition. 

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